Well , it arrived , my canon 7D mark II . It would be difficult to give a real review of the camera as I went out to shoot one day with it . After the first day though I would describe it as a turbo charged camera, that I really have a lot to learn about . Basic knowledge of manual settings though , and you will be ok from the start . My only complaint is that shooting in raw , the files are huge . It took double the time to convert photos to tiff files . Other then that , it’s a beautiful camera and put some fun back into being out shooting .

A few photos from 1st day out . 


Written by steveedreff

About me ? Well, came to wordpress in hopes to have an outlet to show my photography as random as it is . I enjoy walking around NYC with my camera and photoing . "Street photography" my style of choice . Hope you enjoy , and please feel free to contact me.

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